Our focus on Quality of Hire is underpinned by a suite of assessment and selection products that will assist hiring managers to:

Quantify and validate subjective assessments and observations

Improve the quality and focus of interviews

Reduce hiring errors

Understand the key traits required for high performance in every role

Reduce the amount of time wasted on inappropriate candidates

Hire candidates more likely to deliver outstanding returns 

Our assessment products can be utilised independently from our recruitment offering as a way of validating or improving the recruitment process irrespective of the source of candidates.


Our range of products include:

Pre-Employment Testing & Profiling

We have a range of valid, reliable, cost effective and easily administered psychometric profiling tools, cognitive ability tests and skills tests to give each hiring manager / panel the maximum amount of appropriate information prior to making a final decision.

TalentID Sales Benchmark

Ever wanted to truly quantify what makes your gun sales person a standout? We use a unique methodology to IDentify the characteristics of existing high performance in your sales team. Through a combination of psychometric and cognitive ability tools, structured interviews and surveys, we plot a TalentID Matrix that clearly defines the behaviours and abilities that lead to high performance within your specific culture. This acts as the foundation for the ongoing recruitment process, offers insights into training and development needs and helps create a genuine culture of high performance.  

Graduate Assessment Centres

TalentID Leaders provide all of the assessment solutions for one of Australia’s largest and most sought after graduate rounds involving the online assessment of over 2000 candidates nationally and internationally. Whether your requirements are large or small we can assist in developing, administering and reporting the most appropriate solution. 

Executive Assessment Centres

Selecting a new leader at any level is one of the most important recruitment decisions that any organisation can make. Get it right and you have engaged employees, low staff turnover, satisfied customers, increased profitability and productivity and so much more. Yet all too often Corporate Australia gets it wrong. TalentID Leaders has a quantifiable, valid and reliable four stage assesment centre method for leader selection that dramatically increases the probability that you make the right leadership hire more often.


"I was extremely impressed with the way in which TalentID was able to articulate the needs of the client. Their professionalism and communication throughout the process was outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending TalentID's recruitment services to colleagues or clients in the future."
J.C , Project Manager
“I needed to urgently re structure my IT function to ensure customer commitments to a major new client were going to be kept. TalentID were able to assist me in creating an optimal organisational structure and describe the competencies required. They then provided an assessment mechanism and interview process. The result - a new structure with the right people-delivered!”
"Thank you for the excellent service you have provided over the 18 months since we started working with your team. With good planning we now have a strong team with the right attitude and skill sets to deliver against our organisations objectives. In particular I really appreciate the detailed candidate selection and screening process you apply to deliver a shortlist containing only suitable candidates for the role."
J.R., Head of IT
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