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Malcolm Waldock – Director

Malcolm has been involved in HR, Recruitment and Learning & Development related disciplines for eighteen years. He is passionate about helping people achieve to their potential, pushing beyond comfort zones and expanding and learning as we go.

From a young age he has been fascinated by the way in which individuals bring so many unique and varied talents into the world but rarely get the opportunity to nurture and develop these talents in our traditional education system. Inspired by the likes of Howard Gardner, (The Theory of Multiple Intelligences)  Ken Robinson (The Element) and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience), Malcolm has spent his entire career working with people to rediscover and nurture the point at which their natural talents and passions combine.

Malcolm’s professional experience is supported by specialist postgraduate study in Adult Learning Theory and Organisational Development. His specific research emphasis has been on the reliability of selection techniques, methods and tools and their link to actual work place performance. This has culminated in TalentID Leaders offering a broad range of assessment solutions as there is such an interdependent relationship between sourcing candidates and having the tools and expertise to ensure that the best candidate is actually hired.

Outside of the corporate arena Malcolm is passionate about involvement in local community sporting organisations and the role that these clubs have in helping to combat the childhood obesity epidemic in this country. TalentID Leaders will donate a proportion of its profits each year to assist local sporting clubs to offer the best possible opportunities for young children to participate in fun sporting activities.

 “Creating an environment where you can align a person’s natural intelligence and talents with a role which allows them to develop those talents further is one of the most profoundly satisfying moments in the recruitment / assessment process. It is the ultimate win / win experience for client, candidate and recruiter.”


Michelle Clarke – Senior Recruitment Consultant

Michelle has been recruiting in the Information Technology sector for over twenty years.   Having worked at Senior Account Manager Level for two high profile Australian IT Recruitment agencies, she felt it was time to work for a smaller boutique organisation that offered a genuine commitment to flexibility and balance.

Her focus is on delivering an exceptionally high level of care and service to both clients and candidates.  Michelle believes that this can be achieved by taking on high quality work from high quality clients and less volume allowing the time to focus on the things that matter to candidates.

Michelle has been valued by clients and candidates right throughout her recruitment career for her unfailingly positive, down to earth and honest approach.  Throughout her career she has recruited across all technical streams at all levels from graduate/junior positions through to senior management roles.  Her numerous clients have included Banking/Investment, Financial Services and Insurance clients along with Vendor, Government and Software Development organisations.

 "When I’m working with candidates I just remember the one golden rule – treat others the way you yourself would expect to be treated. It all starts with genuine and active listening to understand what truly motivates people. I still take a great deal of pride in uncovering and delivering exceptional talent to my clients and the TalentID Leaders focus on benchmarking and assessment tools enables me to take my selection process to another level.”

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